What is a grant?

A grant is an award of money that does not have to be repaid and can be used for specific projects. Grants are accessed by following specific guidelines of the grant funding agency or foundation.

Who is eligible for grants?

Grants are available for a variety of organizations and sometimes even individuals for activities like scientific research. Most grants are given to non-profit organizations or community-based organizations for social and environmental projects.

Why would you need a grant writer?

Developing grant proposals can be a complicated and lengthy process and not every person or organization has the skill set to do this well. A grant writer provides the skill set to successfully complete a grant proposal and increase your chances of obtaining grant funding. An outsourced grant writer can often provide the services you need for a greatly reduced cost than if you hired a full-time grant writer.

Can I pay a grant writer a percentage or commission from grant funding?

No. It is considered unethical and in some countries illegal to pay grant writers on commission or a percentage of the grant funding you receive. Most funding agencies or foundations do not allow this to be included as a cost in the grant application. Grant writing services should be covered from other sources, such as operational budgets or private donors. The investment is well worth the cost. For example, a grant writer may charge you $2,500 to develop a grant proposal for $15,000. If successful, you have just had a 500% return on your investment.

How long does it take to write a grant proposal?

The time to write a grant proposal varies with the complexity of the project and the funding agency guidelines for submission. A small grant can take as little as 3 weeks while a full grant proposal with an organization like the Global Environment Facility can take as long as a year if the process includes collection of baseline data.

How long does it take to get grant funding?

This depends on the funding agency. Some grants are fast-tracked with a one-month turnaround from application approval to disbursement of funding. Other agencies have a lengthy review process and it can be 18 months or more from initial approval of your grant application to disbursement of funding. Most agencies do not issue funding in a single disbursement, but in smaller ones over the life of the project. Project planning must factor in payment schedules.

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