HD Wells provides grant writing services for non-profit organizations and community-based organizations. These services include:

Grant research:

Some organizations do not know which grants exist or how to access them. HD Wells can help organizations identify sources of grant funding that best suit their project needs. The output of this process is a grant research report that will identify 5 – 10 funding sources and outline their grant eligibility requirements.

Grant proposal development:

Our specialty is grant proposal development. We can be engaged to develop small grant proposals (valued at $5,000 or less) to full grant proposals (in excess of $1 Million). Every funding agency or foundation has its own set of criteria. HD Wells will help you identify these criteria and ensure the proposal developed meets them. We can also develop project budgets and workplans. Some grant proposals require development or collection of baseline data, which we can also complete.

Needs assessment:

Many organizations have no idea what their funding needs are. Identifying and prioritizing needs is an important step to complete in pursuing grant funding. HD Wells can help organizations complete a needs assessment.


Some organizations already have grant proposals developed, but need assistance in ensuring that the proposal is well written and submission ready. Our firm can review and edit draft proposals so that organizations can make a submission that is professional and in line with the criteria set by the funding agency or foundation.

If you have a project that you do not see outlined above, you can contact us for assistance and a quote.
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